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Hello to anyone who is viewing my page

I just wanted to tell you that you’re in a good place to find ways to stay clean and germ-free in your home and especially at this time of the world pandemic of coronavirus. I have always been extremely careful myself when it comes to germs I like to do everything possible to keep them away as I have OCD due to mental health.

I’ve wanted to start this for a while just not been so confident to do so but now with this worldwide Coronavirus outbreak it’s made me push myself as I sit with fear of germs already it’s even worse now and I’m sure there’s a lot of people who are worried. I feel strongly that it will affect people with OCD conditions even more like myself and I want you to know that you’re not alone it is a very difficult and worrying time for everyone. I want to write about ways I cope and give people tips and talk about what products I love to use which at the moment to some would seem extreme but for me, I can never use them enough. I know for OCD sufferers you’re going to feel exactly the same way I want to share with you ways to also cope along the way like I do every day as cleaning takes up most of my time on a daily basis. Even before this outbreak of coronavirus cleaning for me is a structure that almost gives me some sort of control of my life. Other things aren’t in my control such as my present personal life experiences that are very stressful and unsettling cleaning makes me feel like it’s all going to be ok and keeps me feeling organised as crazy as that may sound.

Common OCD obsessions are fear of getting AIDs or other serious diseases. Fear that someone you love will die from germs. Fear of coming into contact with potentially harmful things like viruses, bacteria and bodily fluids. These play a big part in someone’s life with OCD. When I was younger I went through a phase where washing my hands repeatedly was a massive thing to make me feel secure and safe in some way. Recently in the last weeks of the epidemic of coronavirus and the government guidelines to wash your hands in most cases with practically everything I touch I feel I need to wash my hands. I’m sad that unfortunately, my OCD habit from many years ago has now come back in this specific part of my OCD condition to the point where my hands are so sore I keep cutting my nails so short they are red and skin peeling. Of course, we’re at the stage where hand cream, hand sanitizers and ANTIBACTERIAL hand soaps are sold out of most places it’s a really tough time and I hope that I can start to make others who are suffering like me feel somehow “normal” and let you know you’re not alone. Stay safe be strong be brave and never give up. Although I struggle with many issues in my life I know if I stay strong there’s going to be light at the end my tunnel we MUST believe in ourselves love to all from your unknown cleaning fairy 🤗💖