Tips to keep you and your family protected

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A few tips to keep you and your family protected against germs around your home and home surrounding.

Always use an antibacterial disinfectant surface spray to wipe down your surfaces

  • Tables
  • Door handles
  • Kitchen utensils

When washing your floors try to use a disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses 🦠
We highly recommend all the brands but one of our favourites is called Zoflora they come in different sized bottles and you can dilute your own disinfectant spray can be used on

  • Floors
  • Tiles
  • Worktops
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Hard surface pet areas
  • Potties
  • Drains
  • Taps
  • Baths
  • Practically everywhere in your home

Focus on the high traffic areas that enable pathogens to spread around the home. These include your hands and frequent touches areas such as door handles and light switches appliance handles and dials – e.g. kettle handle, fridge door, oven and microwave dials TV remotes Shared computer equipment such as keyboards Toilet and tap handles Food prep areas and bathroom surfaces You also need to think about things that can spread germs, such as sponges and cleaning cloths.

to prevent the person-to-person spread of infection, which requires good respiratory and hand hygiene [washing hands and covering your mouth and nose if you sneeze or cough] and good hygiene of contact surfaces.’

As with cleaning your hands, good old soap and water are actually some of the most effective options for cleaning surfaces.

Keep coronavirus from entering your home

COVID-19 stay safe and healthy. Stay away from viruses

COVID-19 is an enveloped RNA (ribonucleic acid) virus, meaning that proteins and lipids are part of its structure.

Therefore, detergents by themselves – such as soap and even washing-up liquid – work very well at disrupting the virus structure by dissolving the lipids, which in turn inactivates the virus by stopping it binding to our cells.’

The alcohol in hand sanitiser works in a similar way, by dissolving lipids in the virus coating (as long as it’s 60% alcohol).

Keeping viruses off your surfaces. Cleaning them regular to decrease the chance of infection.

Current evidence suggests that COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) may survive on surfaces for hours or days – research is still ongoing.

Studies have found that similar coronaviruses like SARS and MERS can persist on hand surfaces like metal, glass or plastic for days. But they can be killed within one minute if cleaned and disinfected.

You should first clean hard surfaces with warm, soapy water and then disinfect them
But don’t worry too much if you don’t do it in this order any disinfectant will help prevent germs.

Use this kind of disinfectant products

For disinfection, diluted household bleach solutions (hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite), alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol, and certain anti-viral household disinfectants should be effective.

It’s also important to follow the instructions carefully. Some products may require you to leave the product on for a set amount of time for it to work properly.
Although in my opinion as long as your using the right cleaning products don’t worry too much about following exact guidelines on the outer packaging like me I’m one that always adds a bit extra than you need to especially if it’s going to have such a nice scent or there’s an area where is dirtier than other parts of whatever I’m cleaning.

Ventilating the room while you clean is also a good idea. You should also never mix different cleaning products together as they could create harmful fumes. Although again I’m one to not always be able to stay away from the fumes as it’s a closed flat but if you keep windows and doors open you should be filtered enough that way with some fresh air blowing around the pace.
Always make sure your wipes or any disinfectant sprays state that they protect against bacteria and also viruses this is extremely important.

A lot of these products are in high demand right now and might be out of stock, so it’s not worth stressing yourself out trying to hunt them down, as soapy water and bleach or alcohol-based cleaners will work but also why I highly recommend Zoflora so you can make your own simply use in spray bottles and or buckets.
While explaining about cleaning methods around your home it’s also very important to have that extra thought about your tea towels clothes and anything else especially what you may use around your home while cleaning things down

Wash reusable cloths and tea towels at 60 degrees or more between uses, and change frequently. You can also put washing up sponges on a hot cycle in the dishwasher.
If you have one if you don’t have a dishwasher a bucket full of hot water diluted with some bleach will be great and just as effective as in a dishwasher or a washing machine
If there is an infection in your household you also shouldn’t share any towels, including hand towels and tea towels and any cloths.

Viruses can live on surfaces for as long as a few days! 😮

cleaning surface gloves spray wipe

Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Just dilute 2 capfuls into a spray bottle of water and use within 2 weeks.
That’s the guidelines but I know mine doesn’t last that long with spraying every day around my home and I do use a bit more than two casuals especially with the worry at the moment my opinion the more the better 😊 safer and germ-free ✅
it’s not excessive to disinfect food prep areas, and frequently used door handles (such as the living room, kitchen, and toilet), every few hours if someone in the house has any kind of bug or any virus.

If you are buying disinfectant, check the product information to make sure it says it combats viruses including influenza and human coronaviruses – an example is Dettol surface cleanser.
Dettol is another disinfectant that I myself highly recommend as being a very good detergent but also at a low cost there around the same price as most cleaning products these days especially at the moment, unfortunately, you will be finding that a lot of places are putting their prices up simply because of the pandemic with the Coronavirus break out everything seems to be on high demand now more than it’s ever possibly been for cleaning products also hand sanitizers and soaps (oh the struggle of finding exactly what you need) I hope some of my tips and own experience help guide you just a little bit through some of your concerns.

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Hello to anyone who is viewing my page. I just wanted to tell you that you’re in a good place to find ways to stay clean and germ-free in your home and especially at this time of the world pandemic of coronavirus. I have always been extremely careful myself when it comes to germs I like to do everything possible to keep them away as I have OCD due to mental health.